The Next-Generation of High-Speed Connectivity

Valens provides the best connectivity technology in the world. The company is shaping the future of high-speed in-vehicle connectivity through disruptive technology that delivers market-leading performance at the lowest total system cost. The recent selection of Valens’ technology as the baseline for the MIPI A-PHY standard, an industry approved benchmark, positions the company years ahead of the curve as the leading provider of MIPI A-PHY compliant chipsets on the market. Valens’ superior technology is validated by leading OEMs, automotive Tier 1 suppliers, and strategic investors. As the inventor of HDBaseT technology, the company also sets the standard for audio-video connectivity. Valens’ audio-video solutions are deployed wherever long-reach, high-definition video systems are required with applications spanning the medical, education, industrial, and transportation industries.

Valens is a mature company backed by substantial revenues and a track record of execution. The company’s long-term plans are ambitious, yet realistic and attainable. Valens represents an attractive investment opportunity as it continues its journey towards market leadership in every industry it operates.

Investment Highlights

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Disruptive Connectivity Technology

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) technology offers unmatched speed, low latency and error free performance
  • Leverages simple wiring infrastructure minimizing weight and space and driving the lowest total system cost
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Track Record of Market Leadership

  • Shipped more than 28 million chips to some of the world’s most demanding customers
  • On the road in Mercedes vehicles and selling to Tier 1s including Continental, Harman, Molex, and Bosch
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  • Inventor of HDBaseT technology, the industry standard in Audio-Video connectivity
  • Technology selected as the baseline for the MIPI A-PHY standard, creating a significant first-mover competitive advantage in Automotive
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Large, fast-growing Automotive Opportunity

  • Addressable market is large and fast growing as an increasing number of sensors in advanced-driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous applications demand next-generation connectivity solutions
  • Automotive SAM (infotainment, sensors, displays) expected to grow at 35% CAGR to reach $8B by 2026
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Major Audio-Video growth opportunities

  • Market acceleration driven by demand for video conferencing and hybrid education
  • Technological superiority creating opportunities in a variety of new verticals
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Compelling financial model

  • Supported by high gross margins and strong near-term and longer-term revenue visibility
  • Investing aggressively in the development of new products to extend the company’s market leadership position